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Que America Maduro - Torpedo

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As unique as the Jack Daniels brand itself, Que America provides an original, one-of-a-kind flavored stogie.


Rather than being actively flavored or infused, Que Cigar's are aged for one year in 30-year-old Jack Daniels barrels.  


This process produces an exquisite, sweet, oaky, whiskey flavor that you won’t find anywhere else!


A smooth, bold, full-bodied cigar with a dark Nicaraguan wrapper.
The tobacco is also dark Nicaraguan, whole leaf and aged for two years before being hand rolled.  
The torpedo style provides a longer lasting experience, as you won't want this smoke to end! 
The finished cigars are then aged in empty Jack Daniels barrels for one year. This puro cigar is all natural (no preservatives or pesticides).  
It is not flavored, but instead has absorbed a smooth, rich whiskey aroma. Definitely a cigar in a class of its own!   (6" x 52 ring gauge)

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