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Intermediate Cold Flyers Glove HAU-15P

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The Intermediate Cold Flyers Glove is used for intermediate cold, dry conditions. To maintain maximum dexterity and tactility, the insulation on the palm and palm side of the fingers is lighter than that on the back of the hand. The Shell and knit cuff are made from flame resistant Nomex fiber, with sheepskin leather used on the palm. These were issued to service men and women who worked on helicoperts and other aircrafts. Great for winter sports, hunters, campers and outdoorsmen!

Intermediate Cold Flyers Glove Features:

  • 100% NOMEX Fiber offers Excellent Dexterity and Flash/Flame Protection
  • Protects your Hands when Using Flash Bang, Smoke Grenade and Explosive Entry Devices
  • Non-Slip Sheepskin Leather Reinforced Palm for firm Hold of your Weapon & Gear
  • THERMOLITE®/Thinsulate Insulation lining, conditions of approximately 15° - 40°
  • Ultra Soft and Comfortable to Wear
  • Designed for Military Purposes and Law Enforcement Use
  • Color: Sage Green Glove with Black Leather Palm/Fingertips
  • Made in the USA


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