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Operation Helmet - Help our Soldiers Before Not After

We discovered this non-profit organization along our journey and felt it was our duty to support them. Our goal is to spread the word about the inadequate helmet padding our military men and women are being asked to use and show you how you can help.

Does it seem right that Pro Sports Players are provided with the best possible helmets and other body protection money can buy, while our Military Troops' requests for proper helmet padding are being denied due to lack of funding? If you have ever worn a motorcycle helmet, hard hat, or even just a ball cap that didn't fit properly, you know how unbearable it can be after about 20 minutes. All you want to do is take it off, despite the safety risks. Without proper padding, combat helmets will continue to be taken off, and the countless number of unnecessary head injuries and deaths will continue to grow. Your donation will help provide the much needed helmet padding our soldiers require so they can keep their helmets on long enough to make it through a killing zone without getting headaches, neck pains, etc.
Helmet padding may not seem like much to ask for, but to our family and friends in the military it's the small things that can make all the difference in safety. Please take a moment to visit Operation Helmet's website, and if you can, make a donation that will allow our military troops to keep their helmets on and keep them coming home safe.